Learning BSL with one hand

Hi all, sorry it’s been such a long time since I’ve posted! I hope to write more in the new year but I’ve had a busy end to this one as I have been learning British Sign Language.

Below is a little introduction video I put on Instagram and YouTube, if you’re a BSL signer, please let me know if I’ve done any signs wrong or if you can’t understand my signing.

I hope to post more to YT and embed here, I think learning BSL is so important for being an inclusive society, and I wasn’t going to let my amputation stop me, even if I did delay a while because of it! But as with learning to knit, I was wasn’t happy saying it was something I can’t do because you need two hands. I decided to try anyway, and hopefully the exam board will let me pass. Fingers crossed!

Thanks everyone, please share with anyone you think it will help or thought they couldn’t (like myself) and I hope it encourages more people to learn to sign. Thank you for watching, Elisabeth x.


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