How to hold your yarn and needle in one hand – One-handed knitting tutorial

I’ve uploaded a new tutorial showing how to knit fully one handed. My previous videos show how to knit with some use of your amputee hand, but this wasn’t the smoothest of methods and it didn’t help those who had no use of their right side.

I learnt to crochet, and in doing so, mastered how to hold and control the yarn in my left hand. The next step was to apply this to knitting but this was harder in practice. It was tricky to hold the yarn with tension and the needle at the same time. After dropping the yarn and the needle a good few times, I finally cracked it and I can now knit fully one handed.

So I wanted to share this technique to help those who have taken up knitting one-handed and want an easier method (once you’ve got the hang of it) of holding the yarn, or to help those who could not use my other method to start knitting.

Please share this video with anyone who might benefit and if you’re trying it for the first time – don’t give up! It’s tricky but you’ll get it and it’s worth the perseverance. Thank you for watching.

Much love

Elisabeth x

If you’re interested in more one-handed knitting and crochet tutorials, take a look at my YouTube channel.


One-Handed Crochet – Granny Square Tutorial

I’ve just uploaded my fourth video to YouTube! This one covers how to crochet one-handed showing beginners how to crochet a granny square, which in my opinion is the easiest pattern to crack as a beginner! See below the video, and let me know if you have any questions or difficulties.

This tutorial aimed to help how help those with an upper body disability master crochet one-handed, demonstrating the technique with a limited movement of the crochet hook – I found learning quite tough as two-handed tutorials move and twist the hook considerably to get the motion.

Hopefully, this video will help other amputees or one-handed crafters get the hang of using the left hand as the dominant ‘worker’.

In the video I do use a strap to hold the hook to my arm however, anything that holds the hook still, or if its easier, holding the hook against your knee (how I started off) or on the side of a surface should work ok- this will be trial and error until you find something that suits you.

Yarn: Stylecraft Special DK – Turquoise
Needles: 4mm Fusion Rubber Grip Hooks

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One-Handed Knitting – Tension & Holding the Yarn

Hello all,

Below is a video tutorial on knitting tension & how to hold the yarn one-handed for those with an upper body disability.

Method one wraps the yarn around the arm a couple of times and can be controlled by the elbow joint.

Method two holds the yarn under your arm, near the armpit and is controlled by tightly squeezing, while the forearm pulls it in place.

The biggest challenge is keeping tension and finding a system that allows you to pull tight but keep a flow.

Thanks for watching!

Yarn: John Lewis DK
Needles: 6mm Metal

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Instagram: Lis_Ward

One-handed Knitting Tutorial – The Knit Stitch

I’m a recent convert to the world of knitting and crochet and although it was challenging at first, I’ve found ways around so that I can do it too.

I want to share my method and help any beginner one-handed knitters out there or those keen to give it a go but don’t think they can. Without further ado, below is my one-handed knit stitch tutorial – I hope it’s helpful!

Essentially my technique is to wrap the yarn around my elbow/amputee arm to hold it tight and keeping my right needle stationary under my armpit. The hardest bit is getting tension and finding a system that allows you to pull tight but keep a flow.

I’ll post a video soon on playing around with the yarn and tension as this video mostly focusses on how to do the knit stitch one handed.

Please let me know if you have any questions, this in’t the best view for learning, I just wanted to show it could be done and how.

If you’re missing your left hand, I would place the left needle under your arm and using the left handed (this seems contradictory but most knitting is ‘right-handed’ and I’m missing right hand) tutorial below you can follow my process but in reverse.

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Yarn: Patons Big Fab – Green – John Lewis
Needles: 9mm Plastic

My blog:
Instagram: Lis_Ward